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We sell a wide range of Carpenter PU underlay designed for every location, whether it be throughout the home, in offices, hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, shops or care homes – there is even a range suitable for the shipping industry!

All carpenter underlay comes in 15m² size rolls.

All Carpenter underlay products are made from recycled material and are recyclable at the end of their life.

Carpenter DeepStep

Carpenter ExtraStep

Carpenter FirmStep

Carpenter GreenStep

Carpenter PowerStep

Carpenter RichStep

Carpenter Midas 8

Carpenter Midas 10

Carpenter Midas 12

Carpenter Ultrastep

Carpenter Supanova 8

Carpenter Supanova 10

Carpenter Perfect Living 8

Carpenter Perfect Living 9

Carpenter Perfect Living 10


Duralay Super Mark 3


Footfall Serenity Underwood

True Grip:

Wolf 8

Wolf 10

Wolf 12

Saxon 9

Saxon 11



QA Flooring Solutions Timbertech (silver)

QA Flooring Solutions Whisper (white)

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